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Control Panel Assembly

AEI Controls has incorporated within its facility a manufacturing area dedicated to electrical control panel assembly. We can provide services to assemble electrical panels to designs provided by our engineering staff or yours. We can also travel to your facility to build or modify electrical panels. Our staff is extremely capable of interpreting and reading electrical drawings.

We can provide onsite installation of control panels and machine wiring. Our experience with specifications from a wide variety of customers has prepared us to meet the most demanding of equipment installation and electrical hookup requirements. Our expert electricians are knowledgeable of existing codes and will work within your schedule to perform an installation that will minimize the impact on your production schedule. We are UL508a Listed and approved for any installation and inspecting authority. We are in compliance with article 409 of the National Electrical Code.

Waste Water Lift Station Controls. (Weatherproof)

Industrial Bake Oven Control Panel

Automated Clip Machine with Robot Interface and Data Collection

Environmental Cleanup Control System




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